We Sell and Rent :

Residential - Houses, Villas, Apartments, Bungalows, Service Apartments, Land, Farm Houses etc.
Commercial - Showrooms, Plug & Play Office Spaces, Restaurants, Land etc .

Our expertise is :
  • Independent Homes and Posh Luxury Bungalow in Bangalore.
  • Sourcing the most Investment-worthy properties.
  • Checking Legalities and verifying documents.
  • Negotiating the most suitable terms.
  • Mediating between parties.
  • Assessment and valuation of property.
  • Arranging for finance through leading Banks.
  • Taking care of paper work, deeds, titles and registration.
Commission/Brokerage on Sale Transactions:
  • Residential Properties- 1% From Buyer and 1% From Seller.
  • Sale of Industrial Land/ Building And Agriculture Land 2% from seller, 2% from buyer.
  • JOINT DEVELOPMENT 2% commission each from the developer and owner on their respective super built share.
Commission on Rental Transactions:
  • 1 month rent each from both tenant and property owner.